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CR Series 20-2000 CFM

High efficiency refrigeration type compressed air dryers specially designed for high ambient temperature of 45 degC.

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Non-Cyclic Refrigeration System:

  • HOT GAS BY-PASS Value automatically maintains dew point temperature across a wide range of load and ambient conditions without the need for any adjustments.
  • High pressure, high temperature refrigerant vapor is introduced after the expansion value to ensure temperature control

Automatic Condensate Drain:

  • Heavily contaminated condensate is discharged positively by Adjustable electronic timer controlled compressed air powered Auto drain valve

Ease Of Installation:

  • All dryers are shipped pre-piped and wired, ready to install and operate. Installation is made easy with conveniently located Air and Drain connections.

Environmental friendly: 

  • FS CURTIS DRYERS are designed to have low energy usage, helping to conserve the Earth’s Resources and minimize pollution.
  • Refrigerants are with zero ozone depletion factor, and thereby making FS CURTIS dryers ‘OZONE FRIENDLY’

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