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7-9Bar, Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

Oil free, dry screw water-cooled/air-cooled screw compressor suitable for CLASS ZERO compressed air.

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Salient features

  • Stainless steel rotors
  • Non contact rotors
  • Splash lubrication ball bearings
  • Atmospheric chamber in between water seal & oil seal to avoid leakage
  • Corrosion proof PTFE coating on rotors
  • Low maintenance cost on air-end (bearing & seals only)


High Reliability
• All compressor components & bearings are designed for heavy duty industrial use. Not only increase the machine life cycle, but also minimize the maintenance.

Energy Saving
• FUSHENG patented controller can be used to keep the track of the operating conditions, reduce operating cost up to 35%.

Environmental Friendly design
• To reduce environmental impact, FUSHNEG lubricate oil contain non-toxic & heavy metal impurities. The waste oil does not require after treatment

Constant Pressure
• The inverter controller can provide the constant air based on demand pressure. Pressure fluctuation can be maintained within +/- 0.01 Kg/cm2

Top Air Quality
• 100% oil free clean air

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