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EX Series 100-370 HP

7-10 Bar, Oil free dry screw air compressor suitable for ISO8573-1 Class Zero requirement

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EX Series Brochure


The EX oil-free screw compressor series works on a dry compression principle and no lubricating oils are required throughout the entire compression process. The series is ISO8573.1 Class 0 certified and supplies 100% oil-free compressed air. It is designed with a sophisticated processing rotor, gear drive, and a reliable seal combination to provide high-quality compressed air.

It has a long lifespan and a wide scope of applications. The unit is CAD integrated, designed, and made; it employs advanced patented VDT dew point control to monitor the temperature and humidity of the compressed air and to enhance compression efficiency.


  • We use ultra-thin coating of international patented technology, which shows amazing adhesion and durability under the relevant test, and the light weight of the coating itself prevents the possibility of shedding.

Atmospheric vent holes structure

  • Exclusive patented “2 atmospheric vent holes structure” prevents lubricating oil from entering the compressed air chamber through the shaft seals, even if unloading for a long time, the compression chamber is maintained 100% oil free.

Air-end & Motor connection

  • The Airend and motor of the compressor are driven by gears. No coupling design to reduce mechanical loss.

Increased cooling area

  • The increased cooling area not only provides high heat exchange efficiency, but also provides sufficient allowance for the compressed air to pass through the cooler at once. The extremely low pressure drop results in higher compression efficiency.

Electronic Controller

  • Electronic controller with large LCD Panel can simplify daily operation and management. Monitor various information on air compressor status, display maintenance, alarm, emergency stop information and their corresponding countermeasures, helps prevent emergency stop and rectify it quickly and effectively.


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