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HFC Series

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▪ Factory assembled closed circuit fluid cooler, induced draft, counterflow.
▪ All-FRP corrosion-resistant construction.
▪ 145 CTI certified models.
▪ Direct drive fan system for HFC and HFC-SL models.
▪ Single fan gear driven models (HFC-F).
▫ Available in 10’ and 12’ wide models.
▫ Optional direct drive system with a permanent magnet motor.
▪ Standard and low sound fan options.

Tower Construction
▪ Highly durable construction materials:
▫ Corrosion resistant FRP casing and structure.
▫ The most reliable non-corrosive PVC water distribution system with large 2.5”
threaded polypropylene spray nozzles and no moving parts.
▫ Fill media, drift eliminators, and louvers manufactured in corrosion-resistant
self-extinguishing PVC.
▫ Type L copper coil with stainless steel casing. Copper coil offers a thermal
conductivity at least 8 times greater than that of galvanized steel. Slides out
for easy maintenance.
▫ Recirculating pump with a close-coupled design resulting in improved
alignment and increased seal life.
▪ Seamless basin – no water leaks.
▪ Premium efficient.
▪ Severe duty.
▪ Marine duty.
▪ Inverter rated.
▪ Inpro/Seal VBX bearing isolator to ensure permanent bearing protection against
lubrication loss and contamination ingress.
▪ 100% cast iron construction.
▪ 5-year Warranty.
▪ Cast aluminum hub with adjustable pitch air foil or sickle blades molded
of fiberglass reinforced polyamide (PAG).
▪ Aluminum blades for HFC-F models.

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