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LENTO Series 20-150HP

Our LENTO series generates 100% oil-free compressed air for all applications, where products of the highest quality are produced. Given that only water, the most natural of all raw materials, is used in the compression process, LENTO delivers maximum compressed air quality for highly sensitive areas e. g. the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, electrical engineering and medical industries.

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The speed-controlled direct drive of the LENTO series delivers maximum cost-effectiveness by precisely matching the volume flow to the respective compressed air requirement. The integrated refrigeration dryer ensures a low-pressure dew point. Therefore, under certain circumstances, the customer doesn’t need a separate refrigeration dryer. This avoids costs for the freshwater supply and water processing and minimizes service and maintenance costs compared with other oil-free compression systems.

Clean, environmentally friendly oil-free compressed air: ISO class 0, certified in accordance with DIN ISO 8573-1:2010

  • Dust particles that are drawn in are washed out by the water
  • Clean condensate – pure water – can be discharged directly into the sewer system
  • Very low temperatures during compression thanks to excellent heat transfer via the water. Reduced amounts of energy are therefore used to generate the compressed air


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