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NxVi Series 15-75 kW

7-12.5 Bar, Direct Driven, Variable Speed Permanent Magnet Motor Rotary Screw Compressor

Count on The NXVi series air compressors for steady reliable performance, significant energy savings, quick return on investment, and unmatched durability in a wide variety of applications. The perfect solution for your compressed air requirements!!

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Innovative Upright Design- Powered By Efficiency

FS-Curtis air compressors have earned a global reputation for their legendary reliability, a hallmark that sets them apart in the industry. Recognized worldwide, FS-Curtis compressors have consistently proven their dependability even in the most demanding conditions..

Equipped with a patented advanced airend, an exceptionally efficient permanent magnet motor driven by a smart VFD , and an intelligent controller; NXVi series delivers unparalleled performance in the toughest conditions.NXVi Series air compressors operate at peak efficiency even with up to 80% reduction in air output and an advanced PID control algorithm helps to generate stable air pressure.

Each component of the FS Curtis NXVi permanent magnet variable speed drive air compressor is meticulously crafted from design concept to actual application to ensure remarkable efficiency, resulting in higher energy-saving levels.

The system and structure layout follow the principles of high reliability, high durability, and low noise. Easy to install, service friendly compact vertical design saves valuable floor and workspace, provides easy maintenance access, and reduces the total cost of ownership

Proven Performance, Legendary Reliability, Unmatched durability


Designed for quiet operation

  • The NXVi series combines a unique bionic design axial flow fan with airflow baffling and an optimized design of independent air inlet duct for sound insulation
  • Anticorrosive powder-coated acoustic canopy with sound-absorbing material further reduces the noise level.
  • Can be installed in applications where a quiet setting is important
  • Can be used as on-site air compressor to further save working space and reduce the loss in pipelines.


The ultimate in system protection and reliability

  • Protects critical components from compressor-generated heat
  • Extends component life and reduces downtime
  • Compartmentalized airflow design and standard aftercooler


  • Direct driven Integrated upright design of Air end and PM Motor offers the best transmission efficiency
  • Exclusive high-efficiency high-precision FS-Curtis Air-End with the latest Rotor Profile and Large Rotor Low speed design offers maximum performance with low power consumption, lesser vibrations and longer service life
  • Lower discharge temperature from element ensures better life of Consumables & Air End.
  • Efficiency of Fully enclosed, oil-cooled, lightweight Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor exceeds Super premium efficiency (IE4) class. The motor has latest IP66 protection class and  it is energy efficient over a wide speed range.
  • Energy saving, High-efficiency Patented intake valve with streamlined flow design reduces pressure loss, turbulence, and noise.
  • Air filter is made of multilayer Nanocomposite Material and has Higher filtration levels, greater strength, longer service life, and significantly lower suction resistance.
  • The separator, Minimum Pressure Valve, and thermostatic valve are integrated, reducing the connections by up to 90%.
  • Compact vertical design with fewer parts – less maintenance needs


Pay only for the Air You Use

Smart Variable speed drive of NXVi lowers the speed of airend to modulate the output based on the real time demand. Thus power consumption and wear is significantly reduced. Experience optimal performance while paying only for the air you use, making the NXVi an ideal solution for maximizing energy savings and extending equipment lifespan.

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