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SEG Series 5-15HP

7-12 Bar, Belt Driven, Oil Lube Screw Compressor

Smart and compact SEG unit offers better air quality with less oil carry over than reciprocating models. It all adds up to an extremely reliable machine that can run 100% continuous duty, delivering more airflow and better efficiency in a space saving design – making the SEG Series ideal for automotive, light industrial and other applications that require reliable performance in demanding conditions.

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Available Options

SEG B – Base mounted / Floor mounted

SEG D – Skid mounted with integrated refrigerated air dryer

SEG T – Tank-mounted compressor

SEG A – Ultra pack – Tank-mounted compressor with integrated refrigerated air dryer

Energy Efficiency & Quality Components

Built to the highest levels of dependability, reliability & efficiency

  • Powder coat painted enclosure
  • Laminated oil proof sound insulation
  • Washable cabinet pre-filteration panels
  • AIMS alpha numeric controller
  • Encapsulated air-end
  • 24V DC control voltage transformer
  • Spin-on oil filter and air-oil separator
  • TEFC IP55 motor
  • Multi function inlet valve
  • Closed inlet starting
  • Vibration isolators
  • DOL motor starter (5-7.5 Hp)
  • Wye-delta motor starter (10-15 Hp)
  • Factory fill synthetic lubricant
  • Air cooled oil cooler
  • Air cooled after cooler (10-15 Hp)

Ease of Maintenance

Designed for low cost of ownership, easy service & little down time

  • Easy access to all preventative maintenance components
  • Washable cabinet pre-filter
  • Controller alerts for maintenance intervals

eCOOL® Technology

The ultimate in system protection and reliability

  • Protects critical components from compressor-generated heat
    Compartmentalized airflow design and oversized aftercooler
    Extends component life and reduces downtime

dBA Shield Noise Reduction

Designed for quieter operation

  • Extra-thick sound insulation reduces noise
    Can be installed in applications where dBa level is critical

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