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VP Series Vacuum Pump 2-10 HP

Reliable and efficient VP series electrically driven single stage vacuum pumps are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries-

Hospitals | Laboratories | Dental | Food Processing | Packaging | Dairy | Paper & Printing | Electronics

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Supply options:

  • Base mounted
  • Tank mounted
  • Bare block

Robust Performance, Heavy-Duty Construction, Long Service Life: Engineered for Excellence

  • Air cooled, cast iron cylinders. Deep radial fins provide 360 degrees heat dissipation
  • Balanced flywheel supplies a high volume of air flow to cool cylinders and heads
  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft. Precision machining and grinding assures extended running life for the internal bearings  and wearing surfaces
  • Connecting rods are made of a high tensile strength material. Oil entrance ports are machined at the crankshaft journal and at  the piston pin to allow the flow of fresh oil throughout the connecting rod.
  • Oil level sight glass prevents over filling and provides for continuous oil monitoring.
  • Built for quiet-low noise operation with less oil carryover and low maintenance
  • Compact and easy to install design

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