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W Series 3-20HP

8-10Bar, Oil Free, Reciprocating Air Compressor

Continuous duty, slow speed, oil free piston compressors suitable for industrial and medical air applications.

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Available Options

  • Bare block
  • Without Electrical
  • Skid mounted
  • Tank mounted
  • Tank-mounted with wheel

Quality Components

  • Dry crankcase, 100% oil free, air-cooled compressors
  • Corrosion free leaf type intake valve made of stainless steel and coated with high temperature resistant material, effectively reduces noise and improves service life
  • Crankcase fitted with ventilation system on both sides enormously reduces operating temperature to increase bearing service life.
  • Die-casting aluminum alloy connecting rods
  • High precision grease – lubricated bearings
  • Single & Two stage configurations

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